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Vanuatu Govt. Back Bold Tourism Plan

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The Vanuatu Government has formally committed to a bold 10 year plan to boast the tourism arrivals to Vanuatu.

Last week in a major press conference the Prime Minister announce the Government's full support for the bold "Shared Tourism Vision" orchestrated by the National Carrier, Air Vanuatu and supported by the Vanuatu Tourism Office and Airports Vanuatu Limited.

The Private sector also has thrown their voice and resources behind the plan congratulating the government and the Airline for a bold new pathway forward. Tourism Marketing Development Fund Chairman Bryan Death reaffirmed the private sector support for the plan in a special press conference last week held by Air Vanuatu

Not in history has such a bold plan n=been launched and never have so many enterprises formed and serious alliance to see this plan though.

Air Vanuatu's CEO Derek Nice thanked the Government and the private sector for their strong support

Air Vanuatu CEO Derek Nice addresses the audience at Press Conference

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